Home Concierge Services During Stormy Weather

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In the event of a storm, tornado, hurricane, or other significant weather event, the home concierge performs three important functions … (1) to prepare the home and property to withstand a significant weather event, (2) to inspect the property after the weather event and report the results to the homeowner, and (3) immediately post storm to attend to corrective and remedial action if required to minimize the effect of a bad storm.

In most weather events, there is a day or so warning of forthcoming bad weather.  For example, several days in advance, weather forecasts generally pinpoint the time and path of an impending hurricane.  Such warnings give the home concierge ample time to protect the home from the ravages of the stormy weather.  Storm shutters may be installed, or doors and windows boarded up, electric power and gas turned off, loose items are secured, and other chores for protection of the property and home are carried out.

As soon as possible after the storm, the home concierge performs a home inspection and assesses damage, if any, caused by the storm.  After inspection of the home and property is completed, the home concierge communicates a detailed report to the homeowner on the status of the property.

After a storm, the home concierge pays attention to bringing the home back to a normal state by attending to removal of storm doors and windows, turning on the power and gas, and so on.  If there is damage to the home property, the home concierge calls the appropriate professionals to attend to fixing the damage while the home concierge oversees the work being performed.

The involvement of your home concierge in bad weather is most important to the peace of mind of the homeowner.

By Leighton Q. J. Klevana

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